Month: December 2018

6 Challenges of Water Treatment in Rural Areas

Rural water purification can be a challenging task to accomplish when compared to city water treatment. This is because the concentration of contamination in rural water is high. Most often, these concentrations go undetected. The major challenges of water treatment in rural areas are the water sources. These include:

1. Access to Drinking Water

Many people in the rural area don’t have access to good drinking water. There is no denying the fact that rural areas, just like the cities, have abundant water; however, it’s not in the right condition for human consumption. The use of polluted water has resulted in several deaths and chronic illnesses. Lack of access to safe drinking water is one of the biggest challenges facing people living in the rural area, hence the need to improve the water treatment process.

2. Lack of Infrastructure

Aging infrastructure, which includes pipelines, dams, storage, tunnels and treatment facilities are a major concern in rural areas. The majority of water infrastructure in rural areas needs to be updated.

3. Hard Water

Hard water problems are the most common of all water treatment problems in the home. Hard water occurs when the primary source of water picks up mineral content from the earth such as magnesium and chalky calcium. The mineral content of the water depends largely on the water source. One of the major water sources in rural areas notorious for supplying hard water is the borehole. Hard water is easy to detect. One of the major signs is when your soap doesn’t lather. Also, you may see water spots of your dishes. To solve the problem, homes in rural areas require water softeners. You could potentially find more information at Global Hydration, which has additional resources available on their website.

4. Hydrogen Sulfide

Minerals in water can cause a bad smell. This is usually caused by highly corrosive hydrogen sulfide gas. Without the right water treatment system, it may be difficult to filter hydrogen sulfide out of the water. Unfortunately, a standard water softener will do nothing to improve the condition of the water. A special water treatment softening system designed to eliminate this mineral content is required.

5. Water Sources

Some of the water sources in rural areas include lakes, rivers and ponds. The water quality from surface water sources is largely influenced by happenings within and around the surrounding environment. The concentration of contaminants in lakes, ponds and river water tends to be high. On top of that, the water can produce an earthy taste, making it unsafe for drinking. Since they are the major sources of water for communities in rural areas, water taken from these sources as drinking water require more water purification to make them safe for use.

6. High Sodium Content

High sodium content can affect the taste of your water. Typically, all water supplies have sodium content, but it’s at a lower concentration. But when the concentration is beyond normal, it changes the taste of the water from good to bad, making it unsafe for use. The best solution is to get a reliable water treatment system capable of fixing this problem.

Knowing the right water purification equipment to purchase depends on the concentration of contaminants in the water.

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Debunking 6 Myths about Paternity DNA Testing

Diagnostic DNA tests for most people entail testing for paternity or other forms of family relationship. Besides, a large percent of DNA tests are done for paternity reasons. DNA testing can be used for a variety of other reasons besides paternity and dna testing for ethnicity, such as in criminal cases. However, despite the popularity of DNA testing, several misconceptions surround paternity DNA tests.

1. DNA tests require blood or spit

The DNA sequence of an individual is the same in close to all cells in the body. Therefore, a DNA test is not limited to using cells in blood or spit. Experts can perform DNA tests on other cells in the body like the ones found after rubbing the swab on the inside of your check.

2. The DNA test is too expensive

The DNA analysis has changed over time, which makes testing more affordable than before. Surprisingly, you can perform a DNA test at the comfort of your home by purchasing a home collection kit, which is affordable. However, you would have to incur extra costs if you need the results for legal purposes like social security, child custody or support. However, the price is worth the peace of mind you enjoy after getting the results.

3. Paternity testing takes too long

It should be one of the most common myths about DNA testing, which discourages several people from taking the testing. In reality, paternity testing is super-fast. It takes between five and ten days for the DNA samples to reach the lab, and about two business days to get the results. Therefore, you no longer have to wait for DNA results for months.

4. Paternity testing is only done after a baby is born

On the contrary, you can perform a DNA testing on a pregnant woman using safe methods that are non-invasive. You need blood samples from the alleged father and the mother. Also, a paternity testing can be done at least eight weeks into a pregnancy, and it is safe for the fetus and the mother.

5. You can’t prove paternity when an ex-partner doesn’t agree to a test

The myth has prevented several people from finding out the truth about the paternity of a child. The fact is that you can still prove paternity even if your partner is against taking the test or is not available. You can use the DNA of the parents of the alleged father so that the medical expert runs a grandparent test. You can consult an accredited lab to know about other family tests that can be sued for paternity testing.

6. Paternity tests are painful

The fact is that needles are not used for paternity testing. The samples can be extracted using cheek swabs. Therefore, you don’t have to shy away from paternity testing in fear of needle-pricks.

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The Top 4 Marks of a Good Mover

Maybe you’re looking to move to take advantage of better home prices in a different part of your city or province, or in another part of Canada altogether. Maybe you are sending your child to university, and they need to haul their possessions to campus for the term before bringing it all back home with them afterward. Maybe you are a newlywed looking to settle down somewhere. Whatever the case may be, you’re going to want to move the right way, which means finding the best movers in Canada to help.

1. Quality Moving Vehicles

It’s fair to say that the best artists can create great artwork with whatever’s lying around. It’s also fair to say that the Renaissance Masters had a hand in creating all their masterpieces by having access to the finest paints, brushes, and painting materials of their time. By that same token, the best moving teams will typically be able to boast a fleet of moving vehicles that are of the utmost quality. These vehicles should be fast, durable, spacious, and allow for easy storage. What’s more, they should also allow for loaded goods to be easily secured to prevent them from sliding around from side to side.

2. Quick Turnaround Times

Of course, those moving vans won’t count for very much if the movers in question aren’t able to get a move on, and quickly! As such, it should go without saying that when looking for a quality moving team, you will want to check and see who can boast the best turnaround times. You don’t want your move to take an interminable amount of time, so finding a team that can do the job quickly and effectively is always the goal. There are online resources available at Premiere Van Lines Edmonton, which may provide you with more information.

3. Versatile Performance

In addition to all of that, you’re going to want a team that can also help you out with a wide range of different moves. After all, there are many different situations in which you might find yourself needing to move, as described above. Finding a moving team that has versatility means finding one that can answer many different types of moving challenges with the same level of commitment and quality assistance. They may also explicitly offer different types of moving services, so be sure to check their webpage to learn the types of moves in which they specialize.

4. Special Expertise

None of us want to work with a team that’s substandard in any facet of life, let alone one as important as moving. That’s why one of the most defining marks of a good moving team is often simple expertise and experience. Check to see how long they’ve been doing what they’re doing, and what kind of feedback they’ve received. If you’re dealing with a top-tier team, their customer reviews should reflect it.

Few decisions you make in your life are likely to be as important as the one you make when you decide to pull up the stakes and move somewhere. Make sure you make the right choice when selecting a moving team by considering all of these factors while researching your options before making a final decision.

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5 Reasons to Replace Windows before Undertaking Other Home Improvement Projects

Every home is going to need improvements, no matter how new or beautiful it is; it’s only a matter of time. If you are planning to undertake a home improvement project, then you probably have a list of things to do. Which improvement should you prioritize? It might be wise to start with the windows. Here’s why.

1. Safety and Security

You may not think about it, but your windows are an entry and exit point to your home, so windows that malfunction put you and your family at risk of theft. Before fixing the kitchen, bathroom and other parts of the home, it’s wise to keep your home protected against criminals and even the weather outside. By installing new windows, you’ve taken a step to protect your loved ones and property. Modern windows are made of quality materials and are much harder for uninvited guests to break into.

2. Style

Many people undertake improvement projects to give their home a new look. Improvements give you a sense of comfort knowing that you’re living in a home that fits your taste and lifestyle. If you want to give your home a facelift, replacing the old windows might be a great idea. There are many window style options to choose from, including awning, casement, and picture windows. Starting your home improvement efforts on the outside is a great initiative, as it gives guests an idea of what the interior will look like and improves your curb appeal. Remember that replacement windows not only enhance the look of your property on the exterior alone. They also have a huge impact on the interior as well.

3. Energy Efficiency

Many older homes are still using traditional windows built with single-pane glass. These old windows cannot withstand extremely cold winter conditions. Often, they can freeze open or shut too. With the rise in heating and cooling costs, replacing original windows with energy efficient ones can help you save more. You don’t have to worry about paying exorbitant utility bills.

There’s no denying the fact that replacement windows are expensive. But if you don’t mind installing new windows, you’ll start to enjoy great savings on your energy bills. On top of that, you’ll spend less on repairs and maintenance. It might be helpful for you to visit Panes and learn from the information on their website.

4. Noise Reduction

If you live close to the airport, a school or a busy area, you probably have a lot of noise to deal with. Window replacements with dual pane or a laminated glass will drastically reduce external noise, allowing you to enjoy your home peacefully without worrying about the hustle and bustle outdoors.

5. Keep the Weather Outside

The weather outside your home can affect the air quality in your home. Old windows, if not replaced, can leak. This gives water easy access into your home. This makes your home an open target for mould growth. Inefficient windows are highly vulnerable to leaks.

Poorly installed windows will give you a less than desirable result. It is imperative that you consult a professional window replacement contractor with experience in the business.

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