Furnished apartments offer renters comfort, convenience, and affordable pricing when they’re searching for more than the traditional apartment can provide to them. Many people from all walks of life can benefit from rental of a furnished apartment, including people traveling for a conference or business meeting, students, military personnel and their families, and many others. Why is renting a furnished apartment so beneficial? The Premiere Suites website may provide additional insights if you need more information.

1. Short-Term Arrangements

Many people favor signing a 12-month rental lease agreement as it secures their rental for the next year. It’s a major hassle for others, however, and they prefer to rent without a lease. Many of the furnished apartments for rent are offered without a lease agreement, giving you freedom to rent for as little or as long as necessary. When a lease agreement is required, do not expect the landlord to hand over the usual 12-month lease. Furnished apartments are a great short-term rental solution available from as short as 30-days stay. Need a three month or six-month lease? Rent a furnished unit and the problem is solved!

2. Completely Furnished

As the name implies, furnished apartments have inside everything needed to man a household, from furniture and appliances to cookware and art for the walls. Upon arrival at a furnished apartment, you feel warm, welcome, and right at home. This is perfect for young couples, students, and others just starting out or who otherwise do not have the furnishings needed to fill a home or for other situations that make it difficult to relocate your belongings.

3. Save Money

Moving into a furnished apartment saves money in several ways. First, you don’t need to hire a moving company to relocate your belongings since everything is included in the rental. Plus, there’s no reason to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to purchase furniture. Monthly rental rates are oftentimes cheaper than rates at traditional complexes, as a bonus.

4. Business Trips

Need lodging while attending a conference or a business meeting? Hotels are the usual lodging option chosen by travelers, but this choice becomes expensive and overwhelming very quickly. You’ll miss a kitchen and will despite fast food when staying in a hotel, and the lack of privacy is also of concern, especially if you’re traveling with other people. A furnished short term rental provides you a kitchen, reducing expense since you’re not eating out each day. Plus, you get plenty of space for each occupant, as well as privacy and comfort, all at a fraction of the cost of a hotel room rental.