If you have ever worked in the food industry, you know that preparing excellent food and offering top-notch customer service are what will win the day. If you have ever been a delivery person in a pizza restaurant, then you know that getting the order right, getting it there on time and getting it there while it is still piping hot are all factors that will affect your tip. Getting the order right and getting it there on time are parts of customer service that require human effort. But, if you want to get food to customers while it is still in all of its gooey goodness, then you definitely need solid pizza delivery bags. Here are four things that a restaurant manager should look for when deciding on food delivery bags.

1. Good Insulation

The whole purpose of this bag is to insulate food to keep it warm. If the insulation is thin, it is not going to do its job. Poorly insulated pizza bags, can result in angry phone calls from disgruntled customers. It can also result in refunds and loss of your customer base. Do your self a favor and invest in the good stuff. You will be glad you did.

2. Tight Flaps

Your bag must close tightly. Insulation is only half of the package. If you want to keep the food warm, you have to keep heat from escaping. Having heavy-duty insulation is important, but for your pizza bags to be effective, you have to be able to seal them tightly. Make sure the flap will fasten securely to keep heat from getting out.

3. Handles

You may pack your pizza delivery bags to bursting or you may only be delivering one item. A good way to ensure you do not end up dropping your bag or slopping food everywhere is to get bags with handles. This will give delivery drivers more options for how to handle his or her pizza bag when removing the contents to pass the food along to customers.

4. Heating Elements

The ritziest bags have heating elements. This allows you to keep food warmer for longer. The food delivery bags plug into something that looks like a power strip when they are in the store and can then stand on their own in the delivery driver’s car. They can hold a charge for up to thirty minutes after which time they turn back into ordinary pizza delivery bags– or maybe a pumpkin. Either way, a heating element will help you keep your product mouth-watering for that much longer.

Having the right tools for the trade ensure that you can provide your customers with the best customer service. When looking for food delivery bags for your pizza shop, keep these items in mind.