To be a successful corporate event manager, there are a couple of traits that you need to exercise. These traits don’t just involve picking the ideal party rentals for your events. The big corporates and event managers didn’t get to where they are now by sheer luck. Instead, the worked their way through the nooks and crannies and figured out the traits that set them apart from the rest. Learn these traits and tips, and you will also be on your way to becoming the next big name in the corporate event industry. Here are some of the tips you need to note.

1. Always have a detailed brief

Ensure that you know what your event is aiming to achieve. Whether it is launching a new product or perhaps welcoming a new acquisition to its portfolio. It is always crucial that you have a short, detailed brief of the event. This is how you will know and even determine the kind of event venue to hire. You will know the venue to hold a formal event and not hire a venue that is more of glitz and glamor.

2. The venue is your best friend

An experienced corporate event manager does not treat the venue as just some other space that is needed to host an event. Instead, create some form of connection with the venue. This means that whenever you need the venue staff and services to go the extra mile, it will have your back. Develop a collaborative working relationship with the venue owners, and you will be one step closer to hosting the most successful event.

3. Have everything in writing

Handshake agreements won’t do. In as much as you may be excited to venture into a new deal with a new company or event, you need to ensure you have everything put in writing. And if any alternative inclusions or omissions need to be done on the agreement, then have that in writing too. This will help you avoid any confusion or miscommunication down the line of your contract.

4. Have one point of contact

Clear communication means everything in this business. Communication is key. You need to exercise both the talking and listening traits and master them. Master how you will be communicating with your clients be it in person, through email or any other mode of communication. This is crucial to the success of any event.

5. Different is good at times

A corporate event manager who is creative enough to offer unique content for the event or business will go a long way within a short period. Flex your creative muscles and be the event manager who always thinks outside the box and the message you intend to send to your clients will be received with open arms.

6. Create a sense of urgency

Be in the habit of creating a sense of urgency to venues to service your brief within the shortest time possible. The venue will also appreciate your transparency in the issue and even acknowledge your urgency on the matter. This also enables you to balance your urgency with a more realistic time frame of the event.

7. Reason as you plan the event

As you review different corporate event options, be the type who thinks outside the box and compare different event options that have worked out in the past. These event venue options will not work out for you all of the time, but you can always try to add a little flavor to some of your previously used event venues.

8. Events held in-house

Different venues offer different services. And by now, you probably know that simply because one venue held one event, it may not be the right one for another. An in-house supplier can, thus, save you a lot of time and money as you also keep control over other aspects of the event. Carefully consider the in-house services that are on offer at the time of the event.