About us

Public Relations: About Us

Our Mission

101PublicRelations.com is designed to be your one-stop source for information that helps you get more publicity.

Our mission is to give you the tools you need to organize, execute, and profit from solid publicity-generating and public relations campaigns.

Our goal is to (proverbially) teach you how to fish, instead of selling you a fish for the day.

That way you develop the tools, the media contacts and the ideas in-house.

You save money, generate better results, and most importantly, develop a set of skills and contacts that will be an asset to you for years.

Plus, if you do decide to turn to an outside publicity firm or a publicist, you will know how to better work with them, so your money will go farther and your results will be better.

About Our Products

We offer a wide variety of special reports, audio products, transcripts and online books, each focusing on a specific public relations related topic.

Our products are designed to give you the key information you need, quickly, and without a lot of fluff.  Think of them as a briefing. Instead of loading you down with hundreds of pages of information, we distill the key knowledge and techniques you need to know to successfully translate information into results.

About Our Company

Our company has in business since 1996, and has helped thousands of companies, big and small.  Some have come to us for the answer to a specific question. Others have used our information to help them build an entire public relations department from the ground up.

Our President, Geofrey smith, is a well known marketer, consultant, speaker, entrepreneur, and author. Geofrey comes from a background of packaged-goods marketing.He successfully manages a number of businesses, websites, and blogs.  Geofrey is available for consulting, coaching, and speaking projects for your company, organization or association.