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Q: When will I receive the special reports that I order?

A: All of our special reports (1-47) are distributed electronically. Sorry, we don’t send them through the mail. That means that after you have put in your credit card information, and it has been cleared, a page will show up asking you to click on a link to download your file(s). This makes it so that you can be reading and profiting from the information in these reports within minutes of making the decision to buy.

Q: What if something messes up and I am unable to download after purchasing?

A: Sometimes (rarely) this happens. If it happens to you, contact us  We’ll be happy to send that to you as soon as possible through email.

Q: I have downloaded the product, but for some strange reason known only to the inventor of computers, I can’t view this report.

A: Great question. Here’s an answer. All of our reports come in Microsoft Word format, and Adobe PDF format. This means that they won’t work in Microsoft Works or WordPerfect.

Q: Who is The Online Order Center, and why are they charging things on my credit card?!

A: We run a myriad of sites. In order to save ourselves account fees, and complex numeric tracking equation mishaps, we use one merchant account with all of our sites. The charge you see is from 101PublicRelations.com.

Q: What can I do about getting you to publish my public relations stuff?

A: Well now, that’s a great idea. But you really must know . . . we are  picky about what we publish. If you’d like to know if your product would be acceptable to our audience, please contact us .

Q: How much does your newsletter cost, and how often does it go out?

A: Our fine newsletter will cost exactly $0.00. If you think that is an inappropriate price, we can probably knock off the two last zeros so that it will only cost you $0. This newsletter comes out weekly, though the exact day is not always consistent. Sometimes, delays can keep the newsletter locked in for a longer period of time.

Q: Are these special reports for beginners or professionals?

A: These reports are specially designed to be useful for beginners and for people who have been in the business for a lengthier period of time. If you have any questions about whether the product is appropriate for your personal level, we recommend that you order it keeping in mind that all of our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Q: Do you really mean that 100% satisfaction guaranteed thing?

A: Yes, we mean it.

Q: Do you offer PR consulting, speaking, and training services?

A: Contact us and we’ll get back to you.